GlucCell Meter

Calibrated for measuring glucose in cell culture media only, not blood.

Widest range of nanofiber scaffold materials and culture formats

The easiest way to produce hundreds of uniform spheroids on a single plate: anti-adhesive. few pipetting steps, low background fluorescence.

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Easily Expand T-Cells and NK-Cells

Expand T-Cells and NK-Cells the easy way G-Rex® technology for T-Cell Expansion CAR-T researchers are discovering the advantages of G-Rex® culture devices. Easy and uninterrupted cell expansion is achieved [...]

Precision Oncology Research News

SphericalPlate 5D - 25 tumoroids/spheroids per well KDK096 SP5D 96-Well Plate (25 microwells per macrowell) The Advantage of SP5D Patient-Derived Tumor Organoids and Multicellular Tumor Spheroids Patient [...]

Mass spheroid production with SP5D plates

KDBIO now supplies Kugelmeiers SP5D Plates Produce up to 20,184 spheroids on a single culture plate Product page with link to free-to-view scientific publication references [...]

Non-adherent cell expansion

G-Rex® Well Plates

Easily expand 5 million non-adherent cells (such as T cells, NK cells, HSC) per well into up to 400 million cells per well in 7 to 10 days with no need for medium exchange.[…more].