Ez-Flask for in vitro monoclonal antibody production

EZ-Flask eliminates passaging multiple T-flasks,  produces 1L or more of high titre mAb, makes it easy to use serum-free media …and there’s nothing new to learn !

G-Rex plates

Proven G-Rex culture technology for expanding suspension cells to high numbers per well

A wide range of sizes of UF hollow fiber cartridges produced in an ISO13485 accredited facility, sterile or non-sterile

Latest News from KDBIO

New hollow fiber ultrafilters

Check out this new range of hollow fiber ultrafilters from KDBIO. Attractive prices. Various sizes of hollow fiber cartridge, available sterile or non-sterile, for concentration/diafiltration of cytokines [...]

Using EZ-Flask with serum-free media

Prepare 1 Litre or more of monoclonal antibody from hybridoma using EZ-Flask with serum free media   Add 250ml serum free hybridoma media to EZ-Flask Inoculate with 10^7 hybridomas [...]

Monitor your cells

Monitor your cell culture with GlucCell Meter