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SARS-CoV-2 and hollow fibre bioreactor culture

Here's how hollow fibre culture could be useful for Coronavirus research. FIRSTLY - Serological Test Kits Production - Efficient routine production (100mg to grams) of monoclonal antibodies for [...]

Video Animation – How Does A Hollow Fiber Bioreactor Work?

Understand (almost) all you need to know about hollow fiber bioreactor technology in under a minute. Extracellular Vesicles / Exosomes Monoclonal Antibodies Recombinant Proteins 3D culture [...]

IGLD/GSEV Extracellular Vesicles, Frankfurt, 5-6th March

Meet KDBIO at the IGLD/GSEV conference in Frankfurt to discuss how various laboratories worldwide are discovering how to ramp-up EV production capacity from MSCs and other types of cells [...]

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FiberCell Applications

FiberCell hollow fibre bioreactors are ideal for researchers and commercial companies wishing to produce significant quantities of mAb, protein, exosomes or virus using an affordable incubator-scale system.

Other applications include antimicrobial PK/PD modelling, production of conditioned media, cell secretome, co-culture models, cultivation of cells within fibres under flow and long-term perfused in vitro models (e.g. long term gut model).

Compact Hollow Fibre Bioreactor

At the heart of every FiberCell hollow fiber bioreactor system is the Duet Pulsatile Pump. This is integrated into a compact platform that supports one or two independent FiberCell cartridge modules with associated media reservoirs. The system conveniently fits inside a standard CO2 incubator. Robust, durable, quietly efficient and affordable, the Duet Pump is a good investment for any lab getting serious about in-house scale-up of secreted products from mammalian cells  [learn more].

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Hollow fibre cartridge modules

FiberCell hollow fibrr cartridge module

Pre-sterilized, single-use hollow fibre cartridge modules 3ml, 20ml and 70ml, available in 5 Kd, 20 Kd MWCO. Special 0.1 µm endothelial cell cartridge also available. [learn more].

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