1 to 10 billion cells cultured continuously …in your incubator

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BioBUZZ on FiberCell

BioBUZZ Article about hollow fibre culture of cells "If you’ve worked in cell culture, you’ve surely had experience dealing with tissue culture flasks. These plastic vessels are the staple [...]

FiberCell Applications

The FiberCell Hollow Fibre Bioreactor is a compact system for continuous high cell density culture and is used by academic and commercial labs for scaling up production of mAb, protein, exosomes or virus.

Other applications include antimicrobial PK/PD modelling  and cultivation of cells continuously to establish 3D in vitro models.

Compact Hollow Fibre Bioreactor

Maintain >10^9 cells in continuous culture on one shelf of a standard incubator. Single-use hollow fibre cartridge module with built-in gas exchanger.

Productivity example: 500mg – 1000mg mAb in 10 weeks in a volume of only 700ml..

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Hollow fibre cartridge modules

Pre-sterilized, single-use hollow fibre cartridge modules 3ml, 20ml and 70ml, available in 5 kD, 20 kD MWCO. Special 0.1 µm endothelial cell cartridge also available. [learn more].

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