Hollow Fibre Oxygenators

Gas transfer cartridges with polymethylpentene hollow fibres for bubble-free oxygenation in bioreactors and fermenters. (NOT required with the FiberCell Hollow Fibre Bioreactor which uses cartridge modules with built-in gas transfer tubing).




A hollow fiber oxygenator offers a useful solution for high mass transfer of oxygen and carbon dioxide to flowing liquid media. Applications include bioreactors and fermenters, as well as extra-corporeal oxygenation.

A hollow fiber oxygenator uses an extremely hydrophobic fiber that excludes liquid allows gas transfer.

Whereas older style hollow fiber oxygenators used a symmetrical fiber that was prone to “weeping” of medium or blood through the fiber during extended use the asymmetric structure of Polymethylpentene (PMP) fibers prevents this from happening.

The dense outer dense skin not only prevents entry of liquids through the pores during prolonged use but also maintains excellent gas diffusion performance because of its extremely small thickness.

The high porosity and uniform pore distribution in the capillary wall ensures outstanding permeability of oxygen and carbon dioxide, while the thin outer skin avoids the direct contact of liquids and gas.

Inner fibre surface area160 cm21900 cm22900 cm2
Max. operating pressure1.5 bar
Hollow fibre membranePMP-2, Polymethylpentene
Hollow fibre geometry (ID/OD)200 µm/ 380 µm
ICS connectorsFemale Luer
ECS connectorsFemale Luer

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