EZ Flask for hybridomas

Higher yields of monoclonal antibody

Depending on the antibody, media and incubation time, yields can be up to 40 x higher compared T-flasks with no passaging required.

Simple, easy and fast

Just fill and inoculate. No need for cell passaging. In 2 to 4 weeks the process is complete with minimal hands-on.


The simple design concept makes this is a very economical product especially when compared to wasteful and laborious cell passaging.

How does it work?

After inoculation hybridomas will quickly proliferate to form a dense layer above the gas permeable membrane at the base of the flask. Very well-oxygenated and nourished at all times, the cells are thus much more productive than in T-flasks. Stressed hybridomas, that are more productive following the exponential phase of growth, can be fully exploited in this system.

Other suspension cell types

All types of suspension cells can be expanded to high numbers without passaging in the EZ Flask, e.g. CHO, Jurkat, B-cells, THP1.  The device is for R&D use only.

Test different culture conditions with G-Rex® Plates

Each well of a G-Rex Plate has a base gas exchange membrane and can be used as a scaled-down version of an EZ Flask. These plates therefore provide a fast and convenient way to optimize parameters such as seeding density (cells/cm2 membrane), media, duration, etc.  Discover G-Rex Plates for cell expansion without passaging.

G-Rex 6 Plate
Cat.# Description Volume ml Membrane area cm2
KDW0010 EZ Flask 1000 200
KDW0026 G-Rex 6 35/well 10
EZ Flask is manufactured by Wilson Wolf (USA)
Distributed by KDBIO in all EU countries + CH, NO, UK
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