GlucCell Meter – accurately measure glucose in cell culture media

  • Calibrated specifically for mammalian or insect cell culture media (not blood!)
  • Direct measurement (no need to separate cells from medium)
  • 15 second response time
  • Precision <5%, Accuracy >90%
  • Sample vol 1.5 µl
GlucCell Glucose Meter for Cell Culture Media

Why it’s important

Regular monitoring and control of glucose is important for long-term, trouble-free culture of mammalian cells using a hollow fibre bioreactor or in glucose-critical cell culture for R&D. The GlucCell Meter helps avoid the expense and inconvenience of any errors due to false assumptions about glucose levels.

Calibrated specifically for cell culture media

As with medical glucose meters the GlucCell Meter is based on the oxidation of glucose by glucose oxidase. However, blood is very different to cell culture medium. Compared to cell culture media the biochemical constituents of blood interact with the oxidation reaction in different ways and give different results. This means that specific calibration is required for both applications.

Simple to use

GlucCell glucose monitoring system enables you to quickly measure and record media glucose levels during cell culture using disposable test strips. Insert the strip, add a sample droplet and read the result in 15 sec on the large numeric display.


  • Dimensions: 96mm x 60mm x 18.5mm
  • Weight: 70g including battery
  • Power Source: one (1) CR2032 3V Li coin battery
  • Battery Life: approximately 1000 tests
  • Display: large LCD
  • Automation: auto-electrode insert detection, auto-sample loading detection, auto-reaction time countdown, auto-turn off
  • Memory: stores up to 180 test results
  • Environment: 10-40 degree C
  • Req’d Sample Size: 3 uL
  • Measurement Range: 30-500 mg/dL (1.6-33.3 mmol/L)
  • Test result time: < 15 secs.

Comparison of [glucose] measurements with different devices

GlucCell Meter Performance

Measurement of [glucose] in various types of culture medium (GlucCell vs YSI)

GlucCell compared to hospital glucose analyser
Cat. # Description
GC001000 GluCell Glucose Meter (includes 50 Test Strips)
GC001001 GlucCell Glucose Test Strips (50)
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