KDBIO (est.2016) is the exclusive European distributor for the FiberCell Hollow Fibre Bioreactor (FiberCell Systems Inc., est. 2000) as well as other cell culture devices and accessories. The unique advantage of the FiberCell bioreactor is that it enables any researcher to keep cells growing continuously at high density over long periods. Traditionally employed as a workhorse system for producing large amounts of monoclonal antibody, the FiberCell bioreactor is also used for in-vitro modelling in the field of antimicrobial PK/PD and for in-vivo like culture of MSCs and cell lines to produce large amounts of extracellular vesicles.

In addition, KDBIO is the distributor for the EZ-Flask and G-Rex 6 Well Plates (WilsonWolf Corp.). These devices enable hybridomas and other suspension cells to grow to high numbers with no requirement for passaging and represent the easiest ways to produce a small batch of monoclonal antibody.

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