SphericalPlate 5D – 25 tumoroids/spheroids per well

Sphericalplate 5D for tumoroid testing

The Advantage of SP5D Patient-Derived Tumor Organoids and Multicellular Tumor Spheroids

Patient derived tumoroids and tumour spheroids provide a revolutionary tool that opens the way to designing cancer treatments tailored to the unique profile of individual patients. SP5D plates allow researchers to expose multiple arrays of easily-produced, uniformly-sized spheroids to different conditions and to observe responses in a controlled environment. The new SP5D 96 well plate provides 6 strips of 8 wells with 25 microwells per well for spheroid formation, increasing the number of replicates without extra pipetting. It is the ideal product for accelerating the pace for time-critical cancer projects.

Optimising tumoroid culture for best results

In SP5D spheroid culture plates the microscopic wells are produced with a hemispherical base to drive the rapid clusturing of cells into 25 rounded spheroids per microwell.  A unique nanocoating prevents cells from adhering to the surface. Consistent spheroids are formed, and in a single macrowell the spheroids share the media, fostering more natural communication between cells.

The new SP5D 96 Well platform is ideal for easily generating 25 spheroid replicates per well thereby boosting the statistical relevance of data from patient derived  tumour samples.

How to use Sphericalplate 5D


Prepare functional well with 0.1 mL of medium

Addition of Cells

Add 0.1 ml of single cell suspension



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