Easily Expand T-Cells and NK-Cells

Expand T-Cells and NK-Cells the easy way G-Rex® technology for T-Cell Expansion CAR-T researchers are discovering the advantages of G-Rex® culture devices. Easy and uninterrupted cell expansion is achieved with minimal user intervention thanks to the reliable gas exchange membrane technology built in to G-Rex® culture plates. Cell expansion protocols developed with G-Rex® culture [...]

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Precision Oncology Research News

SphericalPlate 5D - 25 tumoroids/spheroids per well KDK096 SP5D 96-Well Plate (25 microwells per macrowell) The Advantage of SP5D Patient-Derived Tumor Organoids and Multicellular Tumor Spheroids Patient derived tumoroids and tumour spheroids provide a revolutionary tool that opens the way to designing cancer treatments tailored to the unique profile of individual patients. [...]

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Gelacell nanofibrous scaffolds for 3D culture distributed by KDBIO

Scaffold devices for long term culture in 3D KDBIO (Europe) now supplies Gelacell Plates for 3D Culture A variety of nanoporous synethetic and natural polymer scaffolds, including aligned fiber scaffolds, are now available in Europe through KDBIO. For more information and an overview of available references see : https://www.kdbio.com/gelacell-nanofiber-scaffolds-for-3d-cell-culture/ [...]

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G-Rex Plates and EZ-Flask for Organoid Culture

It has been shown (1) that iPSC derived multi-tissue organoids can be grown for up to 30 weeks in G-Rex bioreactors which provide a continuous exchange of gas at the cell/tissue interface via a basal gas-exchange membrane. Little routine maintenance is required apart from refreshing media every few days. G-Rex culture systems are produced [...]

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New hollow fiber ultrafilters

Check out this new range of hollow fiber ultrafilters from KDBIO. Attractive prices. Various sizes of hollow fiber cartridge, available sterile or non-sterile, for concentration/diafiltration of cytokines and larger proteins/viruses, and for cell perfusion experiments. Datasheets via links on product page. Product Page

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Using EZ-Flask with serum-free media

Prepare 1 Litre or more of monoclonal antibody from hybridoma using EZ-Flask with serum free media   Add 250ml serum free hybridoma media to EZ-Flask Inoculate with 10^7 hybridomas Wait 1 week without disturbing EZ-Flask, then add 250ml media Wait 1 week without disturbing EZ-Flask, then add 250ml media Wait 1 week without disturbing [...]

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EZ-Flask: Culturing hybridoma cell lines for monoclonal antibody production

Culturing hybridoma cell lines for monoclonal antibody production in EZ-Flask saves user time, incubator space and provides easy and economical protein expression. Below you will find detailed descriptions of the major features of this simple yet powerful bioreactor. Gas exchange technology The issue with traditional T-Flask cell culture is the limited amount of media, [...]

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Development of monoclonal antibody using G-Rex Plates

In this example, here are the results of the development of monoclonal antibody for 10 newly developed monoclonal cell lines. Following the successful fusion, clone selection and weaning from media supplements, candidate clones were transfered to wells of G-Rex 6 Well Plates (35ml media per well, and 10cm2 gas exchange membrane per well). The [...]

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