Secretome collection from spheroids

Collect secretome from 20,000+ spheroids per plate

Microwell-in-macrowell technology enables the easy maintenance of thousands of spheroids on a single plate. For example, each well in the 6-well format plate can grow over 3000 uniform spheroids that share the same media. Conditioned media containing exosomes can readily be harvested from each of the 6 wells with one pipetting step per well. The SP5D plate is also available in 24-well plate format as shown below.

9000 spheroids

20184 spheroids

Product Page : SP5D 6-Well Plate

Simple procedure for all SP5D plate types – 6 well version shown below

PREPARE functional wells with 1 ml medium

ADD CELLS – 1 ml of single cell suspension

CULTIVATE spheroids in incubator

Product Page : SP5D 6-Well Plate


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