Long term culture of organoids

Better oxygen diffusion

Central necrosis of organoids with increasing size can be overcome using G-Rex 6-Well Plate which has a 10cm2 gas permeable membrane at the base of each well. The base gas exchange membrane provides additional oxygenation to help prevent central necrosis of organoids. 

G-Rex 6 Well Plate

10cm2 gas exchange membrane per well

G-Rex 6 Plate


Self-organized emergence of hyaline cartilage in hiPSC-derived multi-tissue organoids

Manci Li, Juan E. Abrahante, Amanda Vegoe, Yi Wen Chai, Beth Lindborg, Ferenc Toth, Peter A. Larsen, Timothy D. O’Brien
doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2021.09.21.461213