G-Rex® Culture Plates – 40X plus cell expansion

Once inoculated, suspension cells such as T-Cells or hybridomas will gravitate to the base and settle above the G-Rex gas exchange membrane forming a dense layer of cells after a few days. Cells remain well oxygenated and expand without user intervention, apart from occasional removal of media and re-feeding. A single well of G-Rex 6-Well Plate can be equivalent to 2 or 3 x T175 flasks when generating monoclonal antibody. Basal gas exchange is also advantageous for islet and organoid culture.

G-Rex® 6-Well Plate

Expand 5 million cells per well into between 200 and 400 million cells per well in about 10 days with only one exchange of medium.

Example application : optimize a protocol for the production of monoclonal antibodies by hybridoma technology, then scale-up with the 1 Litre EZ-Flask.

10cm2 gas permeable membrane surface area per well

35 ml fill volume per well

Cat.# KDW0026

G-Rex 6 well plate

G-Rex® 24-Well Plate

Expand 1 million cells per well into between 40 and 80 million cells per well in about 10 days with only one exchange of medium.

2 cm2 gas permeable membrane surface area per well

7ml fill volume per well

Cat.# KDW0024

G-Rex 24

Gas permeable base membrane

A gas-permeable silicone membrane at the base of each well ensures cells remain well oxygenated and expand continuously. This means minimal user intervention is required without the need for frequent media change. For example : inoculate G-Rex 6 with 5e6 cells and achieve over 100X expansion. The EZ-Flask (1 Litre) represents 20 x scale-up of a single well of the G-Rex 6 plate.

Production of monoclonal antibodies by hybridoma technology

No passaging required

G-Rex culture plates enable the expansion of hybridomas and other non-adherent cells to very high numbers without the need for passaging. For example, each 35ml well of a G-Rex 6 Plate acts as a mini-bioreactor yielding 3 – 6 x more monoclonal antibody than a T-175 flask when growing a hybridoma. See example data below

Ideal for comparing hybridoma clones

Inoculate G-Rex 6 with 1.25 million cells / well …and 10 days later, with just one media exchange, each well can yield 200 to 400 million cells.

Ez-Flask for in vitro monoclonal antibody production

Grow >1e9 cells without passaging

EZ Flask bioreactor is a 1 Litre single compartment flask that enables 100 million suspension cells to be expanded to over 4 billion cells in about 10 days with only one exchange of medium, e.g. hybridomas, CHO, Sf9, Jurkat…

200 cm2 gas permeable membrane surface

1 Litre capacity

Cat.# KDW0010

Continuous culture of organoids

We were excited to see the 2021 paper “Self-organized emergence of hyaline cartilage in hiPSC-derived multi-tissue organoids” in which the authors cultured multi-tissue organoids for many weeks continuously in a G-Rex bioreactor  doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2021.09.21.461213

Cat.#DescriptionVolume mlMembrane area cm2
KDW0026G-Rex 635/well10/well
KDW0024G-Rex 247/well2/well
KDW0010EZ Flask1000200

“We tested your G-Rex 6 well Plates with very good results. We used newly etablished monoclonal cell lines to generate the first amounts of purified antibodies”

mAb production lab in Germany

We tried two rat mAbs, #IBL-11 (against an undefined mouse lymphoid stromal marker) and #IBL-12 against mouse MARCO antigen, both developed in our lab. Considering the speed for achieving several mgs of each, I am very satisfied with the performance of G-rex, and the ease of operation.

We could clearly collect and re-initiate the growth by removing weekly (a) 30 ml of supernatant, adding fresh, and (b) three days later collecting 32 ml (out of 35 total) of another spent medium with cells (so we had twice-a-week SN harvest) for three weeks.

Attached, the actual yields obtained.

Péter Balogh, MD, PhD, University of Pécs

I have just performed our experiments and I have to inform you that I’ve obtained very good amounts of antibodies from the G-Rex6. Since, I got a much larger amount from this than from my normal protocol I couldn’t quantify it yet and I will have to dilute it next time. For now we would like to get 20 EZ flasks and 6 G-Rex6 well plates since we are starting a new project for antibody production. We would like to implement these production systems right away.

Antibody Porduction Lab - Germany

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