Sphericalplate 5D – 24well format – 9000 spheroids

Cat.#  KDK024

750 spheroids per well

The Sphericalplate 5D® has 12 functional wells in rows A1-A6 and C1-C6. Each of these wells consists of approximately 750 round-bottomed microwells and the whole plate contains in total 9’000 microwells. The Sphericalplate 5D® is intended for Research Use Only. It is not intended for use in humans.. The Sphericalplate 5D® is intended for Research Use Only.

  • uniformity – standardization of spheroid formation
  • no surface attachment due to pre-applied coating
  • many more data points with much less work
  • compatible with standard imaging and automatization equipment
  • centralized position of spheroid within microwell
  • Long and short term culture possible
  • collection of secretome from the spheroids possible

Specifications Cat.#  KDK096

Strip material: Transparent Cyclic Olefin Copolymer (COC)

Format : 24 well plate

Outer dimensions of frame:  127.76 x 85.47 x 20.15 mm (standard SBS footprint)

Number of microwells per well:  750

Maximum volume per well: 3 ml

Working volume per well: 0.5 – 2 ml

Surface modification: Non Fouling / Low adhesion coating in wells A1-A6 and C1-C6

Lid and Frame material: Polystyrene (PS)

Sterility: X-Ray irradiated

Technical questions : [email protected]

Manufacturer : Kugelmeiers Ltd. (Switzerland), distributed in EU by KDBIO S.A.S.