Mass production of
uniform spheroids

Routinely produce up to 20,184 uniformly sized spheroids per plate…with minimal effort.

This innovative microwells-in-macrowell technology (Sphericalplate5D or “SP5D”, Kugelmeiers Ltd patented) enables easy mass-production of uniformly sized spheroids or embryoid bodies. Spheroids can be scaled from hundreds for laboratory research, up to millions for tissue engineering / regenerative medicine applications. Designed to meet rigorous medical and regulatory requirements, the technology provides an adaptable platform to support your critical diagnostic or clinical projects. It guarantees standardized, uniformly sized spheroids even at large scale, with the handling advantage of easily changing media without disturbing the spheroids.

20,184 spheroids per plate

NEW : A spheroid plate with microwells. This 6 well plate with square wells is used to produce 3364 uniform spheroids per well and a total of 20184 spheroids per plate.

Download : Protocol PDF

Instructional video: Launch Video

9000 spheroids per plate

A spheroid plate with microwells. This plate has 24 wells, with 750 spheroids per well in 2 rows, with 2 rows for 2D culture

Download : Protocol PDF

Instructional video : Launch video

Technical advantages of SP5D plates

    Rounded bottom of microwell for optimal cell aggregation
    No requirement to do an anti-adhesive pre-coating
    Many spheroids per pipetting step
    Spheroids in each macrowell condition a shared media pool

Patented design of SP5D plates

The design of the microscopic wells with a hemispherical base is optimised to drive the rapid clusturing of cells into rounded spheroids.  A unique nanocoating prevents cells from adhering to the surface. Consistent spheroids are formed, fostering more natural communication between cells.

The SP5D platform is ideal for consistently generating very large numbers of spheroids per plate boosting the statistical relevance of data from patient derived  tumour samples. The platform is also ideal for generating pseudo-islets and spheroids for tissue engineering research.

Publications list here

KDK0066 Well Sphericalplate5D – 20,184 spheroids
KDK02424 Well Sphericalplate5D – 9000 spheroids

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