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Transient or stable expression of monoclonal antibody?

…your decision may depend on cell culture technology The transient expression of monoclonal antibodies is an essential step for early characterization studies but to produce 500 – 1000 mg of mAb requires a huge quantity of plasmid and transfection agent. The inherent heterogeneity of the cells means there’s no guarantee that post-translational modifications will [...]

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How to produce antibodies, cytokines, complex proteins or exosomes for translational research projects

Translational research projects are sometimes hampered by low productivity of an essential cell-secreted agent; this might be, for example, a monoclonal antibody, a cytokine or a more complex recombinant protein or perhaps even exosomes that need to be harvested from MSCs or another specific cell type. The incubator space dedicated to culture flasks for [...]

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Amniotic Fluid Stem Cells Extracellular Vesicles – Scalability of Production and Bio-Activity – 3D vs 2D culture

Poster Abstract EV clinical translation is constrained by limitations in scale-up of EVs production. Hollow fiber bioreactors (HFBR) support the culture of large numbers of cells, at high densities, producing significant numbers of EVs at high concentration. The high cell densities present in a HFBR can facilitate the use of xeno-free/chemically defined media, such as [...]

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