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Easily Expand T-Cells and NK-Cells

Expand T-Cells and NK-Cells the easy way G-Rex® technology for T-Cell Expansion CAR-T researchers are discovering the advantages of G-Rex® culture devices. Easy and uninterrupted cell expansion is achieved with minimal user intervention thanks to the reliable gas exchange membrane technology built in to G-Rex® culture plates. Cell expansion protocols developed with G-Rex® culture [...]

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Precision Oncology Research News

SphericalPlate 5D - 25 tumoroids/spheroids per well KDK096 SP5D 96-Well Plate (25 microwells per macrowell) The Advantage of SP5D Patient-Derived Tumor Organoids and Multicellular Tumor Spheroids Patient derived tumoroids and tumour spheroids provide a revolutionary tool that opens the way to designing cancer treatments tailored to the unique profile of individual patients. [...]

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Gelacell nanofibrous scaffolds for 3D culture distributed by KDBIO

Scaffold devices for long term culture in 3D KDBIO (Europe) now supplies Gelacell Plates for 3D Culture A variety of nanoporous synethetic and natural polymer scaffolds, including aligned fiber scaffolds, are now available in Europe through KDBIO. For more information and an overview of available references see : https://www.kdbio.com/gelacell-nanofiber-scaffolds-for-3d-cell-culture/ [...]

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G-Rex Plates and EZ-Flask for Organoid Culture

It has been shown (1) that iPSC derived multi-tissue organoids can be grown for up to 30 weeks in G-Rex bioreactors which provide a continuous exchange of gas at the cell/tissue interface via a basal gas-exchange membrane. Little routine maintenance is required apart from refreshing media every few days. G-Rex culture systems are produced [...]

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New hollow fiber ultrafilters

Check out this new range of hollow fiber ultrafilters from KDBIO. Attractive prices. Various sizes of hollow fiber cartridge, available sterile or non-sterile, for concentration/diafiltration of cytokines and larger proteins/viruses, and for cell perfusion experiments. Datasheets via links on product page. Product Page

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Using EZ-Flask with serum-free media

Prepare 1 Litre or more of monoclonal antibody from hybridoma using EZ-Flask with serum free media   Add 250ml serum free hybridoma media to EZ-Flask Inoculate with 10^7 hybridomas Wait 1 week without disturbing EZ-Flask, then add 250ml media Wait 1 week without disturbing EZ-Flask, then add 250ml media Wait 1 week without disturbing [...]

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