It has been shown (1) that iPSC derived multi-tissue organoids can be grown for up to 30 weeks in G-Rex bioreactors which provide a continuous exchange of gas at the cell/tissue interface via a basal gas-exchange membrane. Little routine maintenance is required apart from refreshing media every few days. G-Rex culture systems are produced to GMP grade by WilsonWolf Manufacturing LLC. and represent the gold-standard culture method for the rapid expansion of T-Cells destined for CAR-T therapy, for example (2).

G-Rex technology is available in research tool format : 6- and 24-well multi-well plates and in a 1 Litre bioreactor flask (EZ-Flask). See product page.

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(2) The beneficial effects of a gas-permeable flask for expansion of Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes as reflected in their mitochondrial function and respiration capacity :