Applications with products from KDBIO :

Monoclonal antibody production

How gas exchange technology makes this the easiest flask bioreactor method for producing monoclonal antibody

Immunotherapy research

Scaleable gas exchange culture devices offering the simplest and easiest way to expand T-Cells, NK-Cells or other non-adherent cells.

Precision oncology research

Discover a new device to obtain more and better data with cancer spheroids and patient derived tumoroids

Spheroids/Organoids Mass Production

We present the easiest way to generate hundreds or thousands of spheroid replicates using patented non-adhesive culture plates with rounded µ-wells.

Exosomes from 3D cultured cells

Collect secretome from 3D cultured cells for testing with other 3D cultured cells using the same platform

3D culture on nanofiber scaffolds

Choose from a range of nanofibrous materials and culture formats, including sheets, disc inserts and multiwell plate formats

Long term culture of hiPSC derived cartilage organoids

Based on a recent publication – a method to consider for scaling cartilage organoids to clinical level

Measure glucose in cell culture media

Monitor this critical cell culture variable without fuss and bother