EZ Flask bioreactor flask FAQ2024-03-11T17:06:22+00:00
Ez-Flask for in vitro monoclonal antibody production

EZ-Flask bioreactor flask FAQ

1) How does the EZ Flask bioreactor flask work?2024-03-11T16:55:31+00:00

EZ Flask bioreactor flask works by oxygenating the cells from below. This is achieved by a base gas exchange membrane. Inoculated cells gravitate to the base and, staying fully oxygenated, proliferate for up to 25 days, doubling many times in 1 Litre of media.

2) What type of cells can I grow in EZ-Flask flask bioreactor?2024-03-11T17:10:32+00:00

EZ-Flask is designed for growing suspension cells, for example hybridomas for producing monoclonal antibodies.

3) How many cells should I inoculate ?2024-03-11T17:09:45+00:00

If you have never used EZ-Flask before we recommend to grow 50 million cells in T-Flask and use these to inoculate 1 Litre of media. Please check out the two culture procedures we suggest.

4) What is the easiest procedure for using EZ Flask bioreactor flask?2024-03-11T17:11:59+00:00

The easiest procedure is to fill the flask with 1 Litre of your usual hybridoma culture media, inoculate hybridomas (between 25 and 50 million), then wait for 30 days before harvesting 1L of monoclonal antibody. Do not disturb the flask during the culture period. You might want to try the alternative procedure if you have low starting cell number, serum-free media or a difficult to grow clone.

5) What’s the alternative procedure for using EZ Flask?2024-03-11T17:12:32+00:00

The alternative procedure for using EZ-Flask is to fill with 250ml of your usual culture media, ideally with some T-Flask conditioned media, then inoculate 10 to 25 million cells. Wait 2 days then add 250 ml. Wait another 3 or 4 days then add 500 ml to take the total volume up to 1 Litre. On day 30 harvest 1 Litre mAb.

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