GlucCell Meter Test Strips


  • 15 second response time

  • Precision <5%, Accuracy >90%

  • Sample vol 1.5 µl

  • GlucCell is calibrated for cell culture media
    Do not use for blood glucose monitoring!

GlucCell Meter (EUROPE)

Simple to use

The GlucCell Meter is the preferred glucose monitoring system of various biotechs, CDMO’s and academic labs. It enables you to measure glucose levels with confidence during cell culture applications. The disposable test strips come in packs of 50. A certificate of analysis is available for each lot of strips.

Insert the strip, add a sample droplet and read the result in 15 sec on the large numeric display.


In case of variable result at high glucose level, dilute sample with PBS

Temperature of media mus be RT or higher for accurate result


Each culture medium glucose test strip contains:

Glucose oxidase (Aspergillus niger)……..2.4U

Potassium ferricyanide………………….0.08mg

Non-reactive ingredients………………..0.07mg


Store the test strips vial at room temperature within the temperature
range of 10°C to 40°C (50°F to 104°F).

RECAP THE VIAL IMMEDIATELY after taking out the strip.

Use test strips within 90 days after first opening vial cap.

Handle the test strips with clean and dry hands.


Issues with relying on a blood glucose meter for measuring glucose in cell culture media

Palm sized blood glucose analysis meters have revolutionized the way individuals with diabetes monitor their blood sugar levels at home or on the go. A test strip containing glucose oxidase and other necessary components is used with these meters. The glucose in a sample reacts with glucose oxidase, producing hydrogen peroxide. The test strip has an electrode that measures the current generated from the redox reaction between the hydrogen peroxide and the electrode surface. The current is then converted into a glucose concentration reading by the meter.

For laboratory cell culture applications blood glucose meters can give false results because blood and culture media have widely different components that will affect the above described redox reaction. The GlucCell™ Glucose Test Strip is a biosensor used only with GlucCell™ Glucose Meter. It is for use by laboratory researchers or bioreactor professionals to obtain a quantitative measurement of glucose in cell culture only and not in blood.

The GlucCell test strip requires less than 1.5 µL sample volume and only takes 15 seconds for the result. It is pre-calibrated, and is for single use only. The test range is between 30 ~ 500mg/dL (1.7~27.8 mmol/L).

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Cat. #Description
GC001000GluCell Glucose Meter (includes 50 Test Strips)
GC001001GlucCell Glucose Test Strips (50)