Flow Cell Sensor for Glucose/Lactate

Monitor glucose/lactate concentrations or pH/ammonia in flowing cell culture media for up to 21 days with real-time graphical readout and datalogging. Available with or without micropump. Calibration of the sensor is automatic once paired with the accompanying control software via a compact data transmitter.

The sensor incorporates innovative enzyme stabilization technology and electronics making this a very attractive option for hands-free glucose/lactate monitoring in various types of bioreactor.


FlowCell Biosensor for glucose/lactate or pH/ammonia


  • Eliminates manual sampling
  • Convenient long term remote monitoring and data recording
  • Automatic feed-pump control option available
  • Micropump option available for media recirculation through flowcell

Unlike other biochemical sensors these biosensors are designed so that every electron obtained from the enzyme-substrate reaction will contribute directly to the measurement of concentration. This means greater accuracy. It also means that H202 generation is avoided and that undesirable oxidized media components will not accumulate.

micropump flowcell

Flow Cell Sensor and Micropump (7ml/min)

Other biosensor formats

Flow Cell, Flask or Reactor Probe Designs

Range of single-use sensor designs is available: 1) flow-through 2) flask-cap 3) reactor probe. Sensors connect remotely via a compact transmitter to the associated data-recording and control software that is provided ready-installed on an industrial mini-PC or tablet. Each system is designed to be “plug-and-play”. The choice of hardware option depends on type of sensor.

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