FiberCell Hollow Fibre Bioreactor

Continuously culture up to 1e10 mammalian cells in a standard incubator

Hollow Fibre bioreactor modules

Main advantages :

  • Very large scale-up of cell culture

  • Concentrated product

  • Well-established system, many references

  • Fits easily in incubator

Proven system for cell culture scale-up

A FiberCell Systems Hollow Fibre Bioreactor gives any laboratory the possibility to significantly scale-up cell culture and generate very large amounts of cell-secreted products. The aim with this kind of system is to establish a steady-state high density culture that generates a very consistent product. Data is available to demonstrate this capability.


All the advantages of hollow fibre cell culture are detailed here. This is a proven cell culture platform described many times in the scientific literature. Lists of scientific publications can be accessed via these links : monoclonal antibodies , extracellular vesicles , recombinant proteins , virus and 3D Culture.

Components / Practical Aspects

The system is based on consumable cartridge modules that are supplied sterile and which can be easily fitted to, and removed from, the DUET pump platform. Autoclavable reservoir caps are supplied for the media reservoir bottle. For product harvesting the cartridge with its media reservoir are taken to the laminar flow cabinet while the DUET pump remains always in the incubator. See the cartridge selection guide here.

Request a personalized hollow fibre culture training package with your system : Cat.# QS-ZOOM