FiberCell® Duet pump

The FiberCell® Systems Duet Pump provides media recirculation for either a single hollow fibre cartridge module or for two independently functioning modules. Pump rates up to 200ml per minute are possible. The system along with media reservoirs will fit neatly on the shelf of a standard 180L incubator. This is a very simple, maintenance-free unit without the need for computer connections or gas pumping. Temperature and gas are controlled by the incubator. No special connections into the incubator are required because the pump’s power cable is thin enough to be sandwiched by the incubator door gasket seals.

Cartridge modules are easily inserted or removed for maintenance in the laminar flow cabinet.

The 12V Duet pump fits easily on the shelf of a standard incubator and is connected to an externally located speed controller/transformer via a very thin cable that passes easily via the incubator door.

A unique positive pressure displacement mechanism ensures high flow rates without friction or wear of the pump tubing as can be experienced with peristaltic pump systems. Users can plan for weeks or months of reliable, continuous operation, and be confident that no change in tubing flow characteristics will take place and that cartridge fibres will not be blocked due to particulate shedding from tubing.

Duet pump system showing dual-mode cartridge operation

Ordering information

Cat. #Description
P3202FiberCell® Duet Pump

  • Flow rate: 1 to 220 ml/min, continuously variable
  • Dimensions (mm): 241 W, 419 L, 203 H
  • Weight Kg: 4.3 kg
  • Voltage : 240V 50Hz
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