FiberCell® Duet pump

The FiberCell® Systems Duet Pump provides media recirculation for either a single hollow fibre cartridge module or for two independently functioning modules conveniently positioned on the same platform along with media bottles. The system is capable of mAb production from hybridomas in the 15 to 300 mg per week range, 2 to 6 mg recombinant protein per day from CHO, HEK293 etc., or over 10e12 EV’s over a 5 week period from MSCs, for example. It is a very simple, maintenance-free unit without the need for computer connection.

The FiberCell® Systems Duet Pump is designed to make hollow fibre perfusion culture very easy. Cartridge modules clip easily in and out while the pump is running, to be taken to the laminar flow cabinet for glucose monitoring and routine product harvesting.

The 12V Duet pump fits easily on the shelf of a standard incubator and is connected to an externally located speed controller/transformer via a very thin cable that passes easily via the incubator door. A unique positive pressure displacement mechanism ensures high flow rates without friction or wear of the pump tubing as can be experienced with peristaltic pump systems. Users can plan for weeks or months of reliable, continuous operation, and be confident that no change in tubing flow characteristics will take place and that cartridge fibres will not be blocked due to particulate shedding from tubing.

[For antimicrobial PK/PD Applications – to avoid error please recirculate broth at a fast flow rate. This will ensure that microorganisms retained in the cartridge will experience the same changes in antibiotic concentration as in the central reservoir. For a circuit volume of 150 ml use pump speeds of 50 to 120 ml per minute.]

Duet pump system showing dual-mode cartridge operation

The Duet pump platform easily fits in a standard CO2 incubator and its thin low voltage power cord, from the control box outside the incubator, ensures proper closure of the incubator door.

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Ordering information

Cat. # Description
P3202 FiberCell® Duet Pump

  • Flow rate: 1 to 220 ml/min, continuously variable
  • Dimensions (mm): 241 W, 419 L, 203 H
  • Weight Kg: 4.3 kg
  • Voltage : 240V 50Hz

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