100 x increase in protein yield accelerates ERT preclinical research

Preclinical studies with potential therapeutic recombinant proteins can be hampered by difficulties with expression and scale-up in the laboratory. A group at the Department of Manitoba, Canada, used the piggyBac expression system in conjunction with the compact FiberCell hollow fibre bioreactor to generate >500mg active HexM enzyme, a potential candidate enzyme for use in Enzyme Replacement Therapy.  Their recently published paper states the following:

“cell culture using traditional culture flasks yielded ~ 1 mg/l of HexM-His6 whereas the FiberCell bioreactor proved to be significantly more productive, yielding ~ 2 mg of HexM per daily extraction (~20 ml), yielding ~100 mg/l of culture medium. Approximately 3.5 liters of growth medium was extracted from the FiberCell cartridge (~600 mg of HexM) over 6 months. The bioreactor cartridge also provided excellent yields of HexA, producing ~ 0.4 mg of the enzyme per daily extraction (~20 ml), yielding ~20 mg/l of culture medium.”

Increased phosphorylation of HexM improves lysosomal uptake and potential for managing GM2 gangliosidoses: Benzie, G. et al. BBA Advances Vol.2, 2022 [open access]

Hollow fibre bioreactor

The Fibercell bioreactor fits neatly on the shelf of a standard incubator. Scale-up can be achieved by fitting a second 20ml cartridge or by using the Large Size 70ml hollow fibre cartridge.

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