High density celline flask culture of hybridomas is made more efficient by completely eliminating serum from both compartments. A serum replacement called CDM-HD or “Chemically-Defined Media for High Density Culture” is specifically designed for high density cultures and is supplied in Europe exclusively through KDBIO. It’s important to note that this simplified media only works when cells are at high density: a minimum cell density of 1e7 – 1e8 cells/ml will be required. The explanation for this is that CDM-HD comprises only low molecular weight components so it’s the cell-to-cell proximity that contributes in large part to supporting the culture. CDM-HD must be used at 10% in both compartments since it diffuses readily across the membrane in celline bioreactors. It is supplied as a powder that can be used to make up 10L of final media providing a very economical alternative to serum while also greatly improving the purity and consistency of harvested monoclonal antibody.

Scaling-up : 5 or more such flasks may be replaced by a single 20ml FiberCell high density culture cartridge. This dynamic culture device can maintain 1e9 cells continuously over many weeks or months at very high cell density and can of course also be operated with CDM-HD chemically defined media as shown in these examples below (raw supernatant from cell compartment).

CDM-HD Chemically Defined Media

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