New publication – glycosylated protein production

Publication refers to use of FiberCell Bioreactor : Interaction of Pregnancy-Specific Glycoprotein 1 With Integrin Α5β1 Is a Modulator of Extravillous Trophoblast Functions. "PSG1‐Fc, PSG1‐His, PSG1N‐Fc and the proteins used interchangeably as negative controls, Fc and CEACAM9‐Fc, were generated from the supernatant of stably transfected CHO‐K1 single‐cell clones established in our laboratory and grown in [...]

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USC-Exosome Production in FiberCell Systems Bioreactor

Recent publications mentioning the FiberCell Hollow Fibre Bioreactor for producing exosomes with urine derived stem cells: Urine-derived stem cells facilitate endogenous spermatogenesis restoration of busulfan-induced non-obstructive azoospermic mice by paracrine exosomes. Cuncan DengYun Xie et al.; Stem Cells and Development (Jul 16 2019) [abstract]... "Our data demonstrated that transplantation of USC‐exos was able to [...]

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Large scale production of parasites using a FiberCell Hollow Fibre Bioreactor

Two recent examples: Continuous culture of Cryptosporidium parvum using hollow fiber technology: Morada, M. et al.; Int J Parasitol. 2016 Jan;46(1):21-9 [related presentation PDF] See also: in vitro gut model Babesia bigemina: Advances in continuous in vitro culture using serum-free medium supplemented with insulin, transferrin, selenite, and putrescine: Rojas-Martinez, C. et al.; Parisitology International 67 [...]

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GSEV2018 – KDBIO presentation : “Efficient production of extracellular vesicles”

KDBIO sponsored the GSEV2018 meeting in Marburg (15-16 November 2018) and presented the FiberCell Hollow Fibre Bioreactor for generating large amounts of EVs in much smaller volumes of supernatant than is possible with monolayer culture. Download the presentation PDF here: High efficiency production of exosomes / EVs

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The Advantage of Hollow Fiber Bioreactors

Have you ever wondered about all the applications possible for a laboratory hollow fibre bioreactor and what advantages you could expect compared to traditional cell culture methods? Look no further - here's a free e-book introduction to hollow fibre bioreactor technology.

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FiberCell Systems Inc. present at ISEV2018

Thanks to all the visitors who came to speak with us at the exhibition stand during ISEV2018 meeting. EV production with the FiberCell Hollow Fibre Bioreactor offers several major advantages: Continuously maintain a huge number of cells in a compact 3D culture system Periodically collect large amounts of clean, concentrated EVs Unit fits on a [...]

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GEN Tutorial : Hollow Fibers Enhance Protein Expression

Are you looking to produce fully biologically active human recombinant protein? Do you need 100mg to 1g produced in mammalian cells but don't want to outsource? This article by John Cadwell of FiberCell Systems was written with your project in mind...https://www.genengnews.com/gen-articles/hollow-fibers-enhance-protein-expression/6303

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KDBIO sponsors “Extracellular Vesicles: From Biology to Biomedical Applications” – EMBO Practical Course

KDBIO will be present on 12th April during this EMBO Practical Course to present the FiberCell Hollow Fibre Bioreactor as an efficient way to produce large quantities of concentrated exosomes, serum-free. Course Overview : A rapidly increasing number of researchers aim to purify and identify extracellular vesicles and many methodologies to isolate and analyse these [...]

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New Article : Any Lab Can Now Very Efficiently Express Recombinant Proteins in Mammalian Cells

For any lab that needs to scale up production of "difficult-to-express" recombinant protein, for example complex, multi-subunit proteins required well folded, assembled and glycosylated in 100's of milligrams, a FiberCell hollow fiber bioreactor offers a very efficient solution. This new article by John Cadwell, founder of FiberCell Systems Inc., explains why. Also please visit our [...]

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