4th Next-Gen Immuno-Oncology Congress, London, March 12-13th

Meet KDBIO at the 4th Annual MarketsandMarkets Next Gen Immuno-Oncology Congress to discuss production of "difficult-to-express" mAbs and other proteins using continuous high density cell culture for more "in-vivo like" culture conditions. https://events.marketsandmarkets.com/4th-annual-marketsandmarkets-next-gen-immuno-oncology-congress/

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ECCMID, April 18th – 21st, Paris

ECCMID 2020, Paris Come to the KDBIO booth at ECCMID to discuss the hollow fibre system for: 1) precise in-vitro modelling of human PK and analysis of pharmacodynamics as well as following the development of resistance over time and in response to different drug combination treatments 2) Efficient production of mAb and rec. proteins [...]

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British Society for Immunology Congress 2019

KDBIO exhibition booth at BSI 2019, Liverpool Thanks to the immunologists who stopped at the KDBIO booth during BSI 2019 to discuss their future in-house projects for production of cytokines, recombinant vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and exosomes. The FiberCell bioreactor is ideal for immunology labs wanting to generate monoclonal antibody in the range 100 mg [...]

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GSEV/ASEV Joint Autumn Meeting 2019

Interested in producing EVs from cells in continuous high density culture? Meet us in Freising. KDBIO will be showing the FiberCell hollow fibre bioreactor and available to discuss the latest information about growing cells around porous fibres that are dynamically perfused with media. In this mode of culture EVs are retained and concentrated by [...]

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GEIVEX – Granada, Spain 6 & 7th November 2019

KDBIO exhibiting at GEIVEX 2019 in Granada Large amounts of EVs can be obtained from practically any type of cell, including mesenchymal stems cells, maintained over a few weeks at high density in a FiberCell Hollow Fibre Bioreactor. A medium size 20ml hollow fibre cartridge (C2011) permits periodic collection of 20mls of exosome-enriched [...]

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FSEV and BESEV 2019 Meetings

KDBIO exhibits at FSEV_2019 and BESEV_2019 Thanks to the organisers of the FSEV and BESEV meetings in Nantes and Leuven during the week of 14th October 2019. A busy week for exhibitors! Thanks also to researchers who were curious to learn about exosome production using the FiberCell System and who visited the KDBIO table. Some [...]

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9th European Conference on Tetraspanins

KDBIO will be present with an exhibition stand at the 9th European Conference on Tetraspanins Proteins from the tetraspanin superfamily are among the most abundant membrane proteins of EVs. For tetraspanin researchers interested in generating large amounts of EVs in small, regular harvest volumes from cells in continuous culture the FiberCell Hollow Fibre Bioreactor [...]

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UKEV Summer School, 2019, Nottingham, UK

Hollow fibre bioreactor for EV production - practical session for 50 students on 17th July KDBIO will attend the UKEV Summer School 2019 on 17th July to give an introductory hands-on training to 50 student participants with the objective of introducing the key aspects of cell culture in a hollow fibre bioreactor. Large amounts [...]

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7th Antibody Industrial Symposium, 2019 Tours, France

Meet us on stand 11 KDBIO will be exhibiting for the first time at the 7th AIS in Tours as a member of the Mabdesign immunotherapy network. The FiberCell hollow fibre bioreactor is an ideal tool for generating >100mg of monoclonal antibodies or recombinant immunomodulatory proteins, particularly those that are difficult to express. Some [...]

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