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New article : Production of Exosomes in a Hollow Fiber Bioreactor

...Hollow fiber bioreactors (HFBR) offer significant advantages over flask culture, especially for the collection and concentration of exosomes under 3D physiologic cell culture conditions (Download Article). See recent customer publications here.

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KDBIO sponsors the UKEV 2017 meeting, Birmingham, UK

KDBIO is a sponsor of the UKEV meeting on December 12th at the University of Birmingham and will particpate with an exhibition stand and a talk on the topic of efficient production of EVs. https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/facilities/mds-cpd/conferences/ukev/index.aspx

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KDBIO sponsors FSEV 2017 Paris

KDBIO will participate at the French Society for Extracellular Vesicles on 6th and 7th November 2017. The FiberCell hollow fibre bioreactor provides a compact and efficient means to generate concentrated EVs in large quantity from cells maintained under extremely high density. Different cartridge modules are available to suit the scale of the project. Meeting website [...]

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FiberCell Systems Inc. gets a chapter in “Technology Platforms for 3D Cell Culture: A User’s Guide”

See google books

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New article : Production of Monoclonal Antibodies from Hybridomas in a Hollow Fiber Bioreactor

This new article by John Cadwell, President and CEO of FiberCell Systems Inc., points out the specific advantages of hollow fibre bioreactors for monoclonal antibody production. Production of Monoclonal Antibodies from Hybridomas in a Hollow Fiber Bioreactor Hollow fibre systems provide cultured cells with a porous support matrix in place of the solid, impermeable plastic [...]

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FiberCell poster on exosome production at ISEV 2017

"Clinical Scale Production and Wound Healing Activity of Human Adipose Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Extracellular Vesicles from a Hollow Fiber Bioreactor"  Download PDF : Fibercell Poster ISEV2017 Interested in more efficient production of exosomes? The FiberCell hollow fibre bioreactor enables continuous production of concentrated EVs over periods of weeks from all kinds of cell types. [...]

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Customer video shows how to create a bone marrow model with C2011 hollow fibre bioreactor

Thanks to Dr. Lim and team for this fascinating video.

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Customer review of FiberCell’s 20ml bioreactor system

One billion cells or more can be cultured over long periods in a 20 ml FiberCell hollow fibre bioreactor. This customer review describes how the system is used for harvesting large amounts of recombinant protein. The same principles apply for harvesting any factors secreted by mammalian cells. N.B. the 70 ml FiberCell cartridges enable up [...]

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Easy cell culture scale-up (Linkedin post)

Check out this new post on Linkedin : Harvest more secreted product with less hassle

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Merry Christmas and a Happy Mouse-Friendly New Year!

The hollow fibre system for antimicrobial PK/PD will save a lot of mice in 2017! Sign up for news here  

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