Biosynthesis of drug metabolites

The FiberCell hollow fibre system offers an alternative approach to shaker flasks for generating metabolites using microbial models of mammalian metabolism. The system does not require the destruction of the microbial catalyst and many production cycles are possible leading to increased efficiency. Microbes are retained in the extracapillary space and kept separate from the recirculating medium. The fibre membrane allows exchange of nutrients, substrate, and metabolites:

  1. inhibitory secretory products diffuse away
  2. metabolites can be harvested without disturbing the biocatalyst
  3. biocatalyst may then be potentially reused many times over.


Biosynthesis of Drug Metabolites Using Microbes in Hollow Fiber Cartridge Reactors: Case Study of Diclofenac Metabolism by Actinoplanes Species: Osorio-Lozada, A. et al, DRUG METABOLISM AND DISPOSITION, 2008 [open access]

Starter kit for drug biosynthesis

Cat.# Description
P3202 FiberCell® Systems Duet
C3008 Cellulosic Cartridge 10 kd (3000 cm2 – 20 ml)
A1006 38mm Reservoir Cap

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