Scale-up Production of Conditioned Medium / Secretome Generation

A FiberCell® System is the ideal way to produce large amounts of conditioned medium, EVs and to generate the secretome from various cell types including tumor cell lines. Many billions of cells can be supported for weeks or, if required, months of continuous culture in the space of an incubator shelf.

  • Secreted products 10-100X higher in concentration and in low volume
  • High density culture provides more physiologically relevant conditions
  • Serum-free, protein-free operation is usually possible (see CDM-HD)

Optimize your production run by choosing between a 5 kd or 20 kd molecular weight cut-off fibre.

Recent studies have shown that apoptosis is significantly reduced in the hollow fiber environment. The supernatant is free of intracellular proteins that might come from cell lysis.

Hollow fibre bioreactor fits in a standard incubator for convenient cell culture scale-up

A complete FiberCell® Systems Bioreactor for producing conditioned media will easily fit inside a standard incubator

Take advantage of HFBR conditions to make a switch to CDM-HD serum substitute. This way, conditioned medium and secretomes will be free from interfering serum and lytic proteins.


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Starter kit for conditioned media production

Cat.# Description Qty
P3202 FiberCell® Systems Duet 1
C2011 High Flux PS Cartridge 20 kd (3000 cm2 – 20 ml)* 1
A – – – 33mm, 38mm or 45mm Reservoir Cap 1
CDM-HD Serum replacement 1

* Option: C2018 High Flux PS Cartridge 20 kd (1.2 m2 – 70 ml), providing 4 X more fibre surface area.

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