Continous Production of Stem Cells

Continuous harvesting of OCT3/4 phentoype cells from a long term culture of human placenta-derived cells is possible using a FiberCell hollow fibre bioreactor.

When the harvested cells are transferred to flasks they differentiate into MSCs and generate spheroids.

Learn more : Application Note [PDF]

Phenotype of cells harvested directly from hollow fibre bioreactor compared to phenotype of bioreactor-harvested cells cultured in flasks

Phenotype: Cells from bioreactor: ..followed by
3/5 days in Flask:
CD45 4% 1%
CD34 0% 0%
CD133/2 2% 0%
CD31 3% 48%
CD13 6% 83%
CD105 43% 99%
CD73 18% 99%
CD90 5% 96%


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Starter kit for continuous stem cell processing R&D

Cat.# Description Qty
P3202 FiberCell® Systems Duet 1
C2008 Low Flux PS Cartridge 5 kd (3000 cm2 – 20 ml) 1
A – – – 33mm, 38mm or 45mm Reservoir Cap 1

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