Hollow Fibre Bioreactor Bioproduction Applications

The use of hollow fibre systems for bioproduction applications is nothing new and FiberCell Systems Inc. has been serving the R&D market since the beginning of this century. The FiberCell Systems high-flux polysulfone fibre cartridges offer the latest technology for best possible performance. Many different types of cells can be cultured in a hollow fibre bioreactor, both anchorage-dependent and suspension cells. In a medium sized (20ml) FiberCell cartridge it’s possible to culture up to 1.5 x 10^9 cells and in terms of bioproduction, easily outperform 20 x roller bottles, controlling cell mass simultaneously with the simple routine procedure for product harvesting. Use a hollow fibre bioreactor to produce mAbs, proteins, exosomes, virus, or to expand cells of various kinds of cells or to generate conditioned media.

A FiberCell Systems Bioreactor fits on the shelf of an incubator

Starter kit for high titre mAb production

P3202FiberCell® Systems Duet1
C2011High Flux PS Cartridge 20 kd (3000 cm2 – 20 ml) * 1
A100533mm Reservoir Cap1
A100638mm Reservoir Cap1
CDM-HDSerum replacement1

* Option :
C5011 High Flux cartridge 20 kd (3000 cm2 – 20 ml) is optimized for hybridoma culture, providing higher flow and oxygenation capacity and therefore greater mAb productivity compared to C2011. Important – C5011 consumes more media than C2011. Media changes at the weekend are needed when using this cartridge. The C5011 cartridge is the recommended scale-up option for experienced users. Please enquire.

To discuss options for larger cartridges or different molecular weight cutoffs please enquire :info@kdbio.com

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