Secretomics – generate a clean, concentrated secretome

Human secreted proteins play a role in cellular immunity and communication, among other things, so the generation of a secretome from a large number of cells in culture can provide useful information for the discovery of novel biomarkers.

The FiberCell hollow fibre system offers a convenient approach for enriching secreted proteins and EVs/exosomes, free of serum contamination.

While 2D culture is clearly non-physiological the FiberCell system maintains cells at very high cell densities in a 3-dimensional culture environment to more faithfully recapitulate in vivo conditions.

It is widely recognised that apoptosis/cell lysis is dramatically reduced in this method of culture thanks to the advantage of dynamic perfusion. The amount of contamination is therefore comparatively very low resulting in a cleaner secretome to make results interpretation easier. In addition, cells lose their dependence on serum at high density and can be replaced by FiberCell’s CDM-HD chemically-defined substitute for serum. As a result the ready-concentrated cell conditioned media generated in this way are very convenient to handle.

To find out more, switch to this page : Conditioned Media/Secretome.

3D culture in FiberCell hollow fibre cartridge to generate cell secretome