CDM-HD Serum Substitute

Maintaining 10e9 cells or more in continuous culture obviously requires a lot of media, typically 3 litres per week for a 20ml cartridge. However, the good news is that cells cultured under high density hollow fibre bioreactor conditions only need a minimal media formulation. Using FiberCell’s recommended CDM-HD serum replacement saves money as well as improving bioreactor performance, product purity and final yield. It is possible to switch to DMEM/CDM-HD in a single step as soon as glucose consumption reaches a certain threshold, e.g. 1g per day in C2011 cartridge module.

Serum replacement for use in high density bioreactors

  • Convenient – no adaptation period for hybridoma, CHO, HEK 293.
  • No proteins, No animal-derived components, No detergents
  • Highly consistent lot-to-lot, stable at 4°C for 1 month once made up
  • Avoids the typical risks of using serum (viruses, prions and mycoplasma)
  • Gives highest bioreactor yields

Easier purification

CDM-HD is a protein and surfactant-free serum substitute designed specifically for high density cell culture in the FiberCell® hollow fibre bioreactor. Using CDM-HD means simplified purification protocols and increased net yield.

How is it used?

CDM-HD is provided as a pack of dry powder to be made up to 1 litre and sterile-filtered to be used just like serum –  at a concentration of 10% in DMEM/High, for example. DMEM is the preferred basal media for highest cell density. One pack containing 33.36g enables 10 litres of serum-free media to be produced at low cost.

Optimized for high cell density bioreactors

CDM-HD offers a serum substitute fully optimized to exploit the unique high density conditions in a FiberCell bioreactor or in high density culture flasks. (Not for standard flasks or rollers). An adaptation period is not needed, you can replace serum with DMEM/10%CDM-HD once cells are growing at high density.  CDM-HD contains no detergents or other cell membrane stabilizing agents that sometimes interfere with assays or precipitations [see composition table].


Efficient production and purification of recombinant human interleukin-12 (IL-12) overexpressed in mammalian cells without affinity tag: Jayanthi S. et al.; Protein Expr Purif. 2014 Oct; 102: 76–84. [Open Access]

Ordering Information

Cat. # Size Pack Size
CDM-HD Serum Substitute for High Density Cell Culture (enough to make 10 Litres media at 10% conc)    36 g

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