CDM-HD Serum Substitute

One big advantage you get with the FiberCell bioreactor is that cells can be maintained at such high density they will no longer require serum. You can use DMEM/high supplemented with this low cost, simple mix of non-protein components. Once the bioreactor is consuming 1g glucose per day it is possible to switch to DMEM/CDM-HD in a single step.

Serum replacement for use in high density bioreactors

  • Convenient – no adaptation period for hybridoma, CHO, HEK 293.
  • No proteins, No animal-derived components, No detergents
  • Highly consistent lot-to-lot, stable at 4°C for 1 month once made up
  • Avoids the typical risks of using serum (viruses, prions and mycoplasma)
  • Gives highest bioreactor yields

Easier purification

CDM-HD is a protein and surfactant-free serum substitute designed specifically for high density cell culture in the FiberCell® hollow fibre bioreactor. Using CDM-HD means simplified purification protocols and increased net yield.

How is it used?

CDM-HD is provided as a pack of dry powder to be made up to 1 litre and sterile-filtered to be used just like serum –  at a concentration of 10% in DMEM/High, for example. DMEM is the preferred basal media for highest cell density. One pack containing 33.36g enables 10 litres of serum-free media to be produced at low cost.

Optimized for Hollow Fibre Bioreactors

CDM-HD offers a serum substitute fully optimized to exploit the unique high density conditions in a FiberCell bioreactor. No adaptation period is needed: switch immediately to serum-free CDM-HD media once bioreactor glucose consumption reaches 1g/day.  CDM-HD contains no detergents or other cell membrane stabilizing agents that sometimes interfere with assays or precipitations [see composition table].


Efficient production and purification of recombinant human interleukin-12 (IL-12) overexpressed in mammalian cells without affinity tag: Jayanthi S. et al.; Protein Expr Purif. 2014 Oct; 102: 76–84. [Open Access]

Ordering Information

Cat. # Size Pack Size
CDM-HD Serum Substitute for High Density Cell Culture (enough to make 10 Litres media at 10% conc)    36 g

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