Viral Vector Production

  • Closed, biosafe system that fits in a standard incubator
  • Serum free medium
  • Precise control of pH for optimum infections

The production of viral vectors for research purposes using conventional methods such as T flasks or roller bottles consumes significant amounts of time and space.

Example: Adenovirus

Produce 1-3×10^13 virus particles, equal to 20 roller bottles. When 293 cells are adapted to suspension culture, large quantities of adenoviral vectors can be produced in a single FiberCell® Systems cartridge. High cell density makes for rapid and uniform infection kinetics within the ECS of the cartridge.


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Suggested starter package

Starter kit for virus production

Cat.# Description Qty
P3202 FiberCell® Systems Duet 1
C2011 High Flux PS Cartridge 20 kd (3000 cm2 – 20 ml)* 1
A – – – 33mm, 38mm or 45mm Reservoir Cap 1
CDM-HD Serum replacement 1

* Option: C2018 High Flux PS Cartridge 20 kd (1.2 m2 – 70 ml), providing 4 X more fibre surface area.

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